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Just Smile proudly contributes to the SDGs set by the United Nations.

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By partnering with Educate for, Just Smile is fighting against education inequalities. As the Just Smile team is composed of university graduates and undergraduate members, we believe education is the first step towards reducing inequalities. 

Our bamboo toothbrushes are a sustainable alternative to plastic ones. We work closely with our supplier to ensure that no plastic is used from the delivery to us till your door. We also use Moso bamboo, which is one of the fastest-growing forms of wood. 

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By creating eco-friendlier alternatives to unsustainable ones and by making every step in the process as sustainable as possible, we are determined to undertake climate actions to make our earth greener. We also offset all our CO2 emissions in order to provide CO2 neutral shipping.

By reducing the plastic waste that pollutes life under water, we commit to respecting our ocean, protecting underwater animals and cutting the amount of microplastics found in water to ensure living creatures' well-being.

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Through the reduction of the amount of plastic waste on landfills and microplastics buried in soil, we ensure non-toxic soil and lower the risks of animals ingesting plastic components, thus protecting the life of terrestrial creatures.