How to Create Your Own Compost Easily

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

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We could be writing pages about this subject giving the interest of the topic and the amount of divergent opinions on it. Here, we will provide you an easy summary to start directly.


  • Transform your own trash to a rich soil

  • Reduce the amount of trash send to sorting/ recycling places

  • Recycle organic components


  • You can find containers for sales in plenty of garden centers and kraft shops.

  • You can also easily build your own with recycled materials.

  • The most important: make sure to have it in a way that you can mix it and that it will have a top/lid.

Containers for the compost.


  • Trick to know: whatever you are throwing away in your compost, make sure to respect a good balance between carbonaceous waste (cardboard, dried leaves, etc.) and nitrogenous waste (herbs, vegetable and fruit peelings, etc.)

  • To avoid: bread, meat, everything that has been cooked, all plants raised to seed, evergreen foliage.

  • Allowed but only in small quantities: conifer, citrus peels, garlic and onions, eggshells

  • And of course the handle from bamboo toothbrushes ;)

From the most carbon waste to the most nitrogen.


  • Fill during one year.

  • Mix it around from top to bottom every 6 weeks.

  • Keep a good temperature and protect it from the rain.


  • Put the compost in a place protected from wind and rain.

  • Avoid placing the compost under a coniferous.

  • Closest to the place where you use it.

Tips and tricks : camouflage of the compost to make it prettier 😍

Sylvie Delattre

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