Did you know that traditional candles can be harmful to your health?

In fact, the wax usually used for candles sold in supermarkets is of poor quality and is made from kerosene oil, a product extracted from the solid residues of petroleum. When this wax is burned, it gives off fumes that are not very good for the body. With frequent exposure, this can be harmful to the respiratory tract and even carcinogenic. Yet, these candles are still sold massively and continue to pollute interiors and attack the health of its consumers.

It is by studying this more closely that Estelle and Raphaëlle, two Belgians passionate about well-being and concerned about the future of the planet, have created the ASBL Le Comptoir Sauvage. Their idea was to encourage their surrounding to adopt new consumption habits in order to move towards more conscious consumption, through local, zero waste, ethical, sustainable, and healthy production.

Ecological candles

The non-profit organization has therefore started to produce candles based on organic, natural, and vegan soy wax. Indeed, thanks to studies, it has been proven that candles made from soy wax emit practically no pollutants.

These candles are then scented with organic essential oils. Here are the liars proposed: rooibos, vanilla, rose, gingerbread, and amber.

Towards zero waste

The concept, in addition to offering a non-toxic product, is oriented towards 0 waste. The candles are hand-cast in recycled pots and are made with a cotton wick. They are then decorated one by one with naturally dried flowers, allowing a soft and harmonious mixture, combining serenity and decoration. The candles are sold in small reusable linen bags in order to avoid single-use packaging. Finally, all the prints are made on recycled paper and are limited as much as possible.

Where to find them?

They are currently on sale at the NECTAR store in Brussels and will soon be available in other points of sale in Brussels and Walloon Brabant.

It is also possible to buy candles at special events, such as Christmas markets or craftsmen's markets. You can find more information on their website: www.lecomptoirsauvage.be

Estelle Merkari

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