Create Your Objects in Wood or with Recycled Materials

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

To limit the plastic use and our purchases, we try, when we can, to make our own objects and to share our knowledge on social networks.

Who are we?

We are Gilles and Maggy, both full-time vanlifers, accompanied by our little cat, Minoutte.

We travel the roads across Europe, combining work and travel.

On the road, we sometimes need objects and what better way than to make them ourselves.

We offer many free tutorials, for items we make on our account. We use a lot of salvage or wood found during our walks in the forest, to make our objects.

Why make your own objects?

It nurtures creativity and we get a lot of satisfaction to have created something with our hands. And it doesn't cost us anything at all, because many objects are made with found or recuperated materials.

We shouldn't be afraid to go for it or to miss it, it doesn't matter.

It's all part of the game.

Tips for getting started

You can start with basic tools, just a saw and a carving knife will do the trick. You don't have to have the latest equipment to make small objects.

Little by little, you will expand your tool kit according to your needs.

All the tutorials offered are designed to work with as few tools as possible and we try to make them accessible to everyone, so that everyone can try them out in turn.

We don't give precise measures or plans, so that everyone can also appropriate the object and make the form that will suit their needs.

If you are not used to handling tools, start with an easy object which requires few instruments. You will be able to learn the tools little by little and gain confidence over time. And see also the different techniques you feel most comfortable with.

(Sculpture, cutting, assembly...)

Some examples of tutorials

Here are several examples of objects that have been made of wood to avoid buying plastic.

Here, we have made a wooden colander with a pine recovery board.

You can also make small storage items yourself with a cord and a piece of scrap wood.

Or small egg cups, made from a pine branch.

You can find all the details and the description of the tutorials on our Facebook page ( or on our Instagram Cuckoo Freedom account (

See you soon!

Gilles and Maggy

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