One Toothbrush


One Pencil

Educate for is an international NGO which aims to combat Educational Inequality. This international organisation is currently operating in Chile and Peru and is expanding to Japan.



Just Smile is partnering with

Educate for by donating a pencil for every toothbrush purchased.

We want to create a sustainable eco-system where no one is left behind.  


To know more about Educate for check out this video

Just Smile is Proudly Contributing to the SDG Set by the United Nations! 


By partnering with Educate for, Just Smile is fighting against education inequalities. The Just Smile team being composed of university graduated and undergraduate members, we believe education is the first step towards reducing inequalities. 

Our Bamboo toothbrushes are a sustainable alternative to plastic ones. Moreover, we work closely with our supplier to ensure that no plastic is used from the delivery to us till your door. We also used Moso organic bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing forms of wood. 

By creating eco-friendlier alternatives to unsustainable ones and by making every step in the process as sustainable as possible, we believe to undertake climate actions to make our earth greener. We also advise our customers to purchase at least a 4 toothbrushes pack by offering a discounted price for this pack, to reduce the CO2 per piece/ delivery emission.  

By stopping polluting the life below water with our plastic wastes, we stand up to respect our ocean, protect underwater animals and reduce the microplastics found in our water to ensure living creatures' health.

By reducing the amount of plastic place into our landfills and microplastics buried in our soil, we avoid terrestrial animals such as birds to die from ingesting plastic components as well as ensuring an unintoxicated soil. 

Yes, our planet, our earth, our home matters to us as well as every single of its living creature as small as it can be.

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