/ Say no to single use plastic

If we reduce our consumption of plastic in the first place we do not need to find solutions to recycle these products. 

1) Reuse bags instead of using single use bags from the supermarket or convenience store.  

2) Replace plastic water bottles with sustainable and reusable water bottles. 

3) Try to avoid buying overly-packaged items. 

4) Use bamboo toothbrushes as an alternative to plastic ones


/ Spread the world 

Share our concept and products with your surrounding. You can use our hashtag on social media #grammablebrushes.

Write about us on social media, in newspapers, and on your website. 

We are willing to participate in any TV and radio interview. 

/ Donate 

With your investment, we will be able to expand to more countries and cities.  We will be able to lunch new products aiming at making the earth a greener place, and we will have a bigger impact on children in need in South America. Let us join forces and make a change. 

/ Become our partner

Become a selling point, an investor, a marketer.

If you are a student you can become an ambassador for your university by promoting our products and by representing us at events happening at your school.