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Join our adventure to change the world

starting with a sustainable toothbrush and a smile.


Just Smile is a Belgian start-up which was founded in Tokyo, Japan.

Our vision is to create a world where being sustainable is

fun, affordable and easy.

Our idea is to encourage people to adopt a more

sustainable lifestyle.

For this reason, we created stylish, colourful and creative products.

Together, we can make our earth cleaner and greener.

Let's start today!


We aim to reduce plastic waste by offering eco-friendly alternatives. Our first product line consists of sustainable bamboo toothbrushes wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging: bamboo travel cases and craft boxes. We are now also offering bamboo cutlery sets and bamboo water bottles.

Moreover, we are engaged in giving back to society by collaborating with the international NGO Educate For. Every toothbrush purchased sponsors a pencil for children in South America.

When you purchase Just Smile products, you contribute to the reduction of plastic consumption and to the fight against educational inequalities.

Our Team

Helena Andre

Co-founder of Just Smile 


Thu Nguyen



Kazuna Yamamoto

Co-founder of Just Smile 

Founder of Educate For


Gabriel Zogbi

Marketing Manager


Niklas Jehle

CFO of Just Smile 

German and Danish

Constance de Patoul

Sales Ambassador 


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